Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gail and Wil | St. Mary's Cathedral | UCSF Center | Mission Bay, SF

My "sensei", "shidoshi", "sifu", or however you may call him, had asked for my assistance. It had been a while since I worked with him and when he called, I immediately said "Yes!"

JC Macalino never ceases to amaze me with his photographic artistry. Ever since he shot my wedding, the bond through photography just grew. I always found it fascinating that another's point of view can elicit different emotions in someone else. That is what I'm learning from JC.

I was assigned to shoot the guys getting ready (hence, there's more of them than the bridesmaids) and noticed the graciousness of Wil to his best buds. You can tell that these guys would take a bullet for anyone in the room. As the tequila went around each groomsman said their piece about their good friend Wil, and downed the shot.

I had briefly met Gail toward the end of the ceremony and you can tell that the glow that she had that whole day had "Wil" all over it. The chemistry these two had for each other can cause a nuclear reaction!

An open bar, awesome friends and family, and a wide range of support for these two made this collaboration worthwhile.

Photos copyright of JC Macalino for JC Image Design. Photos taken by yours truly =)

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