Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Really? Seriously?

I saw this posted on FB and I just had to share this. I don't even know how to categorize this ("Life," I guess)! Just goes to show how hectic the holidays can be.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Michael's Housewarming | San Jose, CA

Good old Michael. Michael is my wife's first cousin. I first met him when I started dating the wife back at UCR. He tried to get me to pledge Kappa Alpha, but I didn't feel like living in a cave at the time (the KA house was this big ass rock right outside of campus). He's my family now, and I couldn't be any happier for the guy. The most financially stable in the family, he set out to buy a house in the foothills of East Side San Jose. Growing up there, I basically asked him, "WTF?" Turns out, he got a great deal on a house nestled right on a hill overlooking McKee Road and Alum Rock. I had no idea houses like this existed in East Side, but lo and behold, it's true!

To add another bright note to this coming weekend, our cousin Maxine came home after 3 long years of settling in with her daughter and Significant Other in Shreveport, LA. Man did we miss her! And her daughter is so huge now! With her around, its like nothing has really changed; just our addresses =)

So after a few attempts to get everyone to pay attention...who am I kidding. I just stopped taking pictures.

This is Mark; Michael and Maxine's brother. I had to take a good picture of him and hope that he sees this picture. The "cell-phone-pic-in-the-mirror" profile picture on Facebook is seriously getting ridiculous.

The wife and her "angry kid" face. I <3 her!

My innate fatherly instinct was to take this kid, and go "Enter the Dragon" on him. But, he played nice and his dad is cool.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Chris R.

Model: Chris R.
Shirt Design: Tony Robles of Tony.PSD

Photos and composition by yours truly =)

Tony.PSD Photo Shoot | Winter Collection Part 2 | BTS

I'm still sorting through a whole bunch of pics and trying to arrange them. So far so good =)

It might seem a little deceiving how I got my background as wide as it looks, but all in all, it's all crop and paint. Nothing to it! So, you'll see my little setup from the Chinatown Special Beauty Dish, to my cheap barn doors. Hey, it did the trick.

Photos and composition taken by yours truly =)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Cassie

Model: Cassie
Shirt Design: Tony Robles of Tony.PSD

Photos and composition by yours truly =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

PREVIEW: Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Winter Collection Pt. 2 | San Jose, CA

I had a pretty slow December so far when it comes to taking pictures, so I was really excited to hear that Tony Robles of Tony.PSD liked the previous shoot that we had! It was difficult to predict how many shirts he actually sold before Thanksgiving, but lo and behold, shirts were flying off his shelves...thanks to ME!!!!!

Today was a little different from the last. First; we didn't have a million dollar home to shoot in. Second; we had different models this time. Third; there were toys everywhere. Yes, I shot everything in my home. Bella's toys threw up EVERYWHERE. In any case, we all had fun and I shot awesome designs that show our support for the professional sports teams of the Bay Area.

Thanks go to Tony Robles and Gemma Robles, my nephew Christopher P., Cassie, Chris R., Danielle, and Hershey N. for making this shoot a whole lot of fun for me!

Click on the links below to check out Tony's websites...

Tony.PSD Blog and Tony.PSD's online store

Photos taken by yours truly =)

Striplighting Tests

I saw a tutorial on a DIY striplight. I like the way the light is narrowed by this light mod and hopefully I can use it on a few potraits and bodyscapes, but I'm getting a little bit of flare. Good thing this is just the Mark I version of it. In the meantime, here's the best model of all, my Bella Bear watching flicks on the wifey's iPad.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Winter Collection, 2011 | More BTS and Portrait Outtakes | San Francisco, CA

All work and no play? Nonsense!

Charles and Beverly at their best =)

Here's Christian pinching the PWET

In honor of the shirt Bev is wearing...

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