Sunday, December 11, 2011

PREVIEW: Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Winter Collection Pt. 2 | San Jose, CA

I had a pretty slow December so far when it comes to taking pictures, so I was really excited to hear that Tony Robles of Tony.PSD liked the previous shoot that we had! It was difficult to predict how many shirts he actually sold before Thanksgiving, but lo and behold, shirts were flying off his shelves...thanks to ME!!!!!

Today was a little different from the last. First; we didn't have a million dollar home to shoot in. Second; we had different models this time. Third; there were toys everywhere. Yes, I shot everything in my home. Bella's toys threw up EVERYWHERE. In any case, we all had fun and I shot awesome designs that show our support for the professional sports teams of the Bay Area.

Thanks go to Tony Robles and Gemma Robles, my nephew Christopher P., Cassie, Chris R., Danielle, and Hershey N. for making this shoot a whole lot of fun for me!

Click on the links below to check out Tony's websites...

Tony.PSD Blog and Tony.PSD's online store

Photos taken by yours truly =)

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