Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PPP | "Post Processing Practice" (Say that ten times fast)

So I'm working my tail off in my post processing skills. I've studied pictures of photographers and graphic artists that I admire, from comic book artists and well known photographers. What I really want to stand out with my pictures is my way of processing portraiture. Below is a pic of the Bella Bear making faces at mommy. Whaddayathink?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tony.PSD Product Shoot | Winter Collection, 2011 | BTS and Portraits | San Francisco, CA

I've always wanted to do a fashion/product shoot, and the first person to help me out in that aspect of my portfolio is the ever awesome Tony Robles of Tony.PSD

I looked over what it takes to do product photography and visually it seemed pretty easy. It actually takes a little bit of time and a certain type of setup to achieve the proper lighting. But Tony had faith in my skill and I'm glad I had this experience under my belt now.

Thanks to Tony, his wife Gemma, my BFF and assistant Jhory, Rich Dato, Christian C. (DJ CMC), my colleague Charles A. and his girlfriend Beverly, and last but not least, my other colleague Carol W. for letting us use her awesome house! Oh, and that picture of me and the Bella Bear, that was from a practice shoot. I was wearing a shirt from Tony.PSD, so I decided to take a picture and throw it in here =)

Check out Tony.PSD for his merchandise! The holidays are coming up friends!!

Photos shot by yours truly and Jhory. Images copyright of Rod Rosete|SUITE307 Photography

Monday, November 21, 2011

Allen at Stienbeck | Walk-a-Thon | San Jose, CA

Nothing like a good old fashioned fund raiser! However many laps you went around the track, the students received "x" amount of dollars from the people that sponsor them in this fundraiser. My wife's school has all these fun ways of raising money, in this case for their school's upcoming field trips. There was also a silent auction going on that day and there was a trip to Disneyland, Florida that looked pretty tempting!

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