Monday, March 12, 2012

Portrait Practice | Random Shots

I've been learning a lot from a group that I've joined here in San Jose. Shutter Clique, held it's first Photoshop editing workshop at Super Steez Studios in Downtown San Jose, and it's opened my eyes to different approaches to photo editing. I used to rely on actions to get me through my workflow, but then again, my work looked like everyone else. At this workshop, our instructor, Mark Sebastian, showed us a few tricks of the trade. He mentioned when he worked for clients, sometimes editing would take days to weeks, and sometimes the client wouldn't even want them anymore. PHEW! I'm glad that these were just practice!

Photos and editing by yours truly =)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Shot with Lexzyne | South San Francisco, CA

I was accompanied by my good friend and fellow beat maker Lexzyne of Lexzyne Productions (he's also the revered I.T. guy at work). On our way to the train station, we were freezing! I didn't even bother to stop to take pictures walking towards the station, but I couldn't pass up on a picture of a 6 foot dude with long dreads. So, I was able to take out the camera, take my blue hands out of my jacket pockets and shoot a few. I'm proud of this one! Don't let the warmth of the pic fool was stupid cold in SSF today.

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