Sunday, November 13, 2011

Michelle and John | The Horseman's Association | Sacramento, CA

I've been lagging with the blog and many apologies for that!  I have a few events coming up that I don't want to miss and share with you.  I thank you for bearing with me.

The last time I saw Michelle was at my cousin's wedding. It had been almost 10 years since I've seen the girl and she was a sight for sore eyes. After a long hug and the introductions of my wife and daughter, she brings up this strikingly handsome guy that she introduced as her fiance! WHHAAAAAAAT??? 2 or 3 weeks later that I get a call from Michelle asking "Hey, I heard you take pictures?" Need I say more?

A hot day in Sacramento, but not a sunny one; odd that these two things went hand in hand on this day. Although this event was a solo project, I had a blast! When you get a bunch of gorgeous gals, a dope set of guys, a stunning bride and a handsome groom, it's gonna be a fun ride!

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