Sunday, January 15, 2012

Abby & Yi-Lei | Buffalo Wild Wings | Saratoga, CA

I had the privilege to meet up with my assistant's co-worker Abby and her fiancee Yi-Lei. I am so excited that these two trust my work so much, they want me to shoot their wedding later this year! After they both told me their wants and needs for their wedding later in 2012, I couldn't help but listen and visualize their blissful day.

Being a little nervous myself, I wanted to put my best foot forward. After all, I want to give them my best as a business and make every moment of their union memorable. So what better way to relieve some of the anxiety with my first client? They fed us and gave us drinks! =) We caught the tail end of the Patriots game (yes, the "Patriots." Not the "Broncos" game; don't get it twisted) and Jhory educated Abby on the rules and submission moves as we were watching UFC matches as well.

A big thanks to my assistant Jhory for his business savvy and Abby and Yi-Lei for giving me a chance (and for the dinner)!

Photos taken by yours truly =)

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