Friday, February 24, 2012

Au'lani Resort | Ko'olina, O' ahu | Hawaii | Day 2

There were a few things that I needed before I came to Hawai'i. One; get a fast, zoom lens. Two; grip tape. I started to kick myself in the head when all of a sudden I found myself in certain places here that I would have LOVED to capture, yet my innate nature to put things off at the last minute cost me dearly.

So, on day 2 of the trip, we had good eats, had fun, and wandered into the frigid (yes, FRIGID) Pacific Ocean. The wifey had her own point and shoot camera as did the sis-in-law, so they got a few pictures that I must say I'm very proud of (I'll post them later). It was either their cameras or mine, and thankfully, my investment didn't even touch the sand nor did it go near any body of water (whether salted, chlorniated, and/or urinated).

And the zoom lens; *sigh...I knew we were going to see some type of show where the female hula dancers were hot (and yes, my wife and sis-in-law were enamored by the male dancers; it's like having a six-pack and a chest is mandatory here) and I DID NOT HAVE A ZOOM! Oh well...

Photos taken by yours truly =)

Gotta have a picture of the doting, tourist father =)

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