Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kelsey and Kellen | Engagement Session | Alameda, CA

It was a nice day in Alameda to take pictures. Along with the theme of "love" there was "wind" and "hair." Mother nature was blowing the wind around like she was trying to put out a fire!

I've never been to Alameda before and after Kellen and Kelsey took us around, I would really consider moving there. After getting kicked out of certain spots on the base, their love for their home teams, and having gigantic sushi for lunch, we all had a great time! If only we had enough time to go to the Pacific Pinball Museum!

Photos taken by yours truly =)
Lighting assistant: Jhory Albayalde

So at this point, the wind was just insane. Kelsey was trying to just get her hair under control.

Kellen felt bad, so he did the same =)

Before the day ended, each of them had jerseys respective of their home team. Needless to say, this is the only issue they're going to have as a married couple.

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