Thursday, May 30, 2013

Diana and Aaron's Wedding | San Francisco, CA

Around the beginning of the year, my good friend and fellow photographer Andre Rubang asked me if I wanted to shoot a wedding. Little did I know, the wedding was for his sister. On that note, he called up a few more cats from San Jose and the creativity and camaraderie kicked in. Left and right, up and down, the team took awesome videos and stills to make Diana and Aaron's wedding day even more special. We went all out! This day we all witnessed an awesome couple say "I Do." To see the pictures of Aaron writing to his bride (thanks Mark!) and to see her reaction when the letter was delivered sums up the love these two had for each other (after she read the note, I heard Diana say "He's amazing!" under her breath). From the beginning to the end, there were tears of happiness, hugs and kisses all around, and two cultures coming together to celebrate love.

A special thank you goes to Andre for setting up the gig and to Diana and Aaron for giving us the opportunity to capture your special day. Oh, and to future brides and grooms; because it's going to be a long and happy day for you two, consider the bride's brassiere as storage for food =) Had I known you can hold snacks in there, I would have put some fries and a cheeseburger in my wife's brassiere! LOL!

Ceremony: St. Ceceila's Church, SF
Reception: JW Marriott, Union Square, SF
Video: Alex Bauzon and Jon Ugto
Photography: Yours truly and Mark Chua (Thanks for the awesome images man!)
Flowers: Amazing Flowers & Events by Nelya
Cake: Jasmine Rae Bakery
Band & DJ: So Timeless
Photobooth: A Casino Event

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