Thursday, October 27, 2011

Debbie and Jeffrey | Intercontinental Hotel | San Francisco, CA

My "sensei" JC Macalino needed my help once again to capture some awesome shots in San Francisco! After a few miscues by the wedding party, things still got off on the right foot.

Getting ready in a smaller room at the hotel was ok, but not the business. Because the room was pretty small, the wedding planner pulled some strings, rope, and some floss to get the bridal party all the way up to the Presidential Suite! Now, if I were to travel and to get any room in San Francisco, this would be the room to BE IN!! (To my dismay, it would also mean having money for the room).

In a hour's time, the groom and his entourage made it to the hotel and things really started to move! JC took pics of the guys while I went on detail patrol. The girls couldn't look any more gorgeous and Debbie was absolutely stunning. Both Jeff and Debbie had smiles to die for and I for one, can feel it looking through this set.

A little plug: If anyone is looking to have a band at their wedding, I have to recommend D-Groove. These guys TURNED-IT-OUT!

Photos copyright of JC Macalino for JC Image Design. Photos taken by yours truly =)

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